Do traders let the Noise play them – The Dude knows

Over past 2 weeks the amount of Noise is just amazing, and how I seen traders, very good traders buy into this moronic noise. “Government Regulation on the banks
“Obama is causing the stock market to sell off from his tough talk on the banks”.   Its hard to comprehend all this noise—meditation is the key 

Let the DUDE meditate his thoughts

1.  The last time the market rallied crazy % points?
!!!!the last major correction was 2003-2004 with a rally from 788(3-13-03) to a top 1163(3-5-04) .  Guess what happen when the very same pattern appeared in March03 into Dec03 then a failed top 3 times the 3rd time at the new high in March04 —7.2% sell OFFFFF                                               

2. The last time the Banks had a major correction this may take some hard thought

!!!when they report earnings in October 2009.  the love in meditation.
Does the manipulated news that is produce by T.V. and fellow traders, follow a pattern?
 ( don’t get me wrong as a trader jumping on the high volatility short the Banks train is some fun trading -last week) 

keep it simple man!  
“nothing has changed -just a pattern”


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