I move form bearish to “Neutral” we are not completely healthy or oversold yet in the short term…I did my best to keep short and sweet I am still using the same formula to calculate the market health just not breakdown every chart.
……remember next week to stay focus!! the market is healthy(in big picture aspect) it is still in uptrend or rising wedge …sell offs are needed to confirm the market is in its bullish trend..this is 1 of 3 sell offs.


Is The Market Frustrating You…Well That’s A Good Thing

When the market starts frustrating you its doing its job….that is a “good thing” as its determining the next move…new push higher or test of major support…In the next two videos I give my perspective of what levels I am watching across several different assets to help understand and listen to what the market is preaching

…the 1st video I give brief explanation of my style and indicators that I use you can skip this video

Market Outlook
I breakdown currencies bonds commodities ETFs

………………..finish up with levels to watch in the indices

Charting Soft Commodities

…the noise continues to become thick and louder in soft commodities with corn winning the race for the most noise…yes we know their is a 37yr supply low in corn but the price action is where the true wins..unless you own a noise machine!!!

looking at corn wheat soybeans sugar cotton

The New Trend In Corn

this would be a cool trend..

Breaking down the price action in corn wheat soybeans cotton sugar and looking at key levels…

Tracking Blog Performance Winners & Losers

I will be implementing a new feature into the blog to track the performance of “every” trade winners and losers also will include Weekly and Monthly reviews! ……to be successful in trading you need to understand every trade or setup and use a accurate calculation of performance.      
I use ticker AGU Agrium Inc as a Example

How Did Softs React to Trend

A quick update from Tuesday nights breakdown of trend in soft commodities….cotton sugar corn
………….hit play or press ME
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Trading Places In Commodities

Grains continue to trade in Trend….soybeans is a long on breakout of 58.69 with “volume” …breakdown down soybeans corn wheat cotton sugar..

Its Not Gold’s Fault….Just Following Trend

In this quick 5min video I breakdown Gold GLD show where trend has develop over extensive amount of time and what range you will see buyers come in……click on link to play video

Trading Places In Commodities

Soft commodities continue to follow trend ….this week I breakdown trend and price action in Corn Wheat Soybeans & Cotton…the trend is your friend!

Quick Update on Corn

Looking at the levels mentioned in last nights video and updating the areas to watch…